Best Seat In The House: Tacos El Novillo, Oakland

Chef Casey Rebecca Nunes reveals her favorite place in the entire world.

June 17, 2019 ‚óŹ 1 min read

By Richie Nakano | Photo via Tacos El Novillo 

Every chef needs a break now and then and Oakland native Casey Rebecca Nunes, of SF’s Media Noche, has a two-part ritual when it comes to unwinding. First, she likes to kick it at an A’s game with friends, and afterward she heads to her favorite taco truck across the way: Tacos El Novillo.

“It’s parked in the parking lot of Guadalajara restaurant, I’m not sure if they’re affiliated though? I’ve been going to this truck as long as I can remember. It’s my favorite place in the entire world.”

When to go:

“I have a special fondness for going after A’s games. For day games sometimes we go there first, but for night games it’s the place to go. Everyone is just sitting on the hoods of their cars, eating. It’s the best.”

Where to sit:

“I eat in the parking lot, one or two rounds of food depending on how hungry or drunk I am. I usually run into someone I know there. There’s a divider and people sit on the divider, stand around, and eat tacos.”

What to order:

“I get any of the tacos, typically the carnitas, lengua or tripas. Or I get the super burrito which is the length of 3/4 of my arm. I get a mixed burrito, cabesa and chicharron. It’s amazing. Once you’ve had one of these, you’ll be a hater on the Mission burrito. It’s not as much rice, and there’s something about the beans and the quality of their meats that sets it apart. It’s 3 to 4 meals.”

What to drink:

“Squirt. Or Jumex. The Squirt cuts through the richness of the burrito, it’s perfect.”