Best Seat In The House: San Soo Korean BBQ

Chef Lamar Moore on his after service hangout spot.

June 12, 2019 ‚óŹ 1 min read


Chef Lamar Moore’s career has taken him around the world, but Chicago will always be the place he calls home. After service, he dips out of the back kitchen door of The Swill Inn and makes a bee line for one of his favorite restaurants, San Soo Korean BBQ.

When to go:

“It’s always after service, it’s so close to Swill that I usually just go in the back door and sit at the bar. It’s usually super late when we get over there.”

What to order:

“They have a really good seafood pancake that I get spicy, and they have kimchee fried rice, and I always add Spam because I love Spam. Oh! Also, get the beef tartare."

What to drink:

“I always order a really good Japanese or Korean beer. I gotta get the tall beer. Maybe a shot of Jameson.”

Where to sit:

“In the main dining room they have the hibachi style tables, but us chefs are always on the go, so we just slide in the back to the bar and watch TV. They usually have a game on, a Cubs game during the day or basketball at night.”