Best Seat In The House: Duryea’s Lobsters, Montauk, N.Y.

Where to make the most of the last days of summer.

August 28, 2019 ● 2 min read

photo via Duryea's Lobsters

Chef Roxana Velez has worked all over New York City in restaurants like High Street on Hudson and Del Posto. After a recent stint as the pastry sous chef at Butler Bakeshop in Brooklyn, she has decamped to the beaches of Montauk to work at Ruschmeyer's. To capture the best of summer's fleeting sunsets and rosé vibes, she heads to Duryea's Lobster Deck.

What to order:

"The raw bar is a must! They have a great selection of oysters, and since everything is family-style, it's all huge. I would say the lobster cobb salad is also a must. It's delicious and refreshing. The clam bake has everything you could possibly want and more–mussels, clams, calamari– and chorizo gives it a delicious kick."

Where to sit:

"If you are going on a date, definitely sit at the counter in the back. It's a little more private and you have the complete view of the ocean. But every seat has a perfect view, so it's not about where you sit, it's more about timing: you want to make it in time to catch the perfect sunset–this place changed my life."

What to drink:

"They have some of the best and most exclusive French rosé and for the beer lovers, several different selections from Montauk's local Brewery."

When to visit:

"Being a seasonal summer restaurant, there is a short window to visit this gem. It has the best sunset view in Montauk and is perfect for every occasion. You can have a romantic dinner or come with a large group of family or friends for a Sunday brunch and enjoy the amazing selection of rosé."

Who to talk to:

"The Maître d' is in control of the whole ship and he is a big part of the Duryea’s experience. He's super energetic and is kind enough to explain how the ordering process work–this is a counter-style place, so it gives it a very chill vibe. This is a special place. I wish I could keep it a secret, but in order to have the complete Montauk experience, you need to visit Duryea’s. The ambiance, the European-chic vibe, the friendly staff, fresh local food, the views...It has it all!"