The Chill Italian Session Brew We’ll Be Drinking All Year Long

Peroni’s got your back at ChefsFeed Indie Week.

August 11, 2019 ● 1 min read

With the diversity of flavors and cuisines that is showcased at each ChefsFeed Indie Week event, we wanted to offer you a brew that can accompany you through the entire experience without dulling your palate or blunting your senses. We wanted a beer that tastes as proper with Thai Crab as it does with Veal Ragú. 

So we looked to some of the OGs of food and libation pairings for guidance: the Italians, and more specifically, Peroni. Course after course, round after round, you can take it at a leisurely pace that honors each bite, savors each sip. They also understand that the relationship between food and alcohol is lock and key: one enhances the other, and if you pace it just right at the end of the night, you are never too full, never too buzzed, just blissfully soddisfatto (satisfied.) 

Born of a culture where food is love, since 1846 Peroni has been mastering the art of brewing beer that is meant to whet your appetite, not obliterate it. Peroni’s Nastro Azzurro lager’s lightly hoppy, crisp flavor profile, Prosecco-like effervescence, and moderate ABV of 5.1%  is by design: the perfect pairing beer. That’s why we’re proud to be calling Peroni in as partners for ChefsFeed Indie Week.