Ask a Chef: Whenever I eat out I always see the chef visiting tables and sending out food; how can I get this sort of treatment?

All your modern dining etiquette quandaries answered.

December 27, 2019 ‚óŹ 1 min read

By Richie Nakano

Dining dilemmas used to be like “Do I tip 15 or 18 percent?” or “How long will the restaurant hold my reserved table if I’m running late?” Those were simpler times, because for most of us, dining out has gotten a lot more confusing. Who do we tip at the robotic hamburger restaurant? Why can’t you get a reservation without putting a credit card down? We tapped into our expert community to offer some advice so we can all be better diners, and the result is our column we like to call "Ask a Chef," where we are dedicated to answering all your modern dining etiquette quandaries, directly from the chef perspective.


Tables that get VIP treatment, a list: family members, friends, friends and family of employees, former employees, other members of the restaurant industry, investors, media, regulars… the list goes on. The best way to join this club is let them know how much you adore the restaurant, go often, and maybe send a six-pack of beer to the kitchen when you go in. Eventually, they’ll come to know you and might even send out a comped glass of wine or an appetizer. Guests that are effervescent about their love of the restaurant are guests that the owners want to retain and take great care of, and the road to getting there is pretty easy, albeit potentially expensive. 


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