A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Your 1st ChefsFeed Experience

And setting it up for success!

December 15, 2019 ‚óŹ 4 min read


Thanks for using ChefsFeed Experiences (CFX)! This short five-step guide will get your first event live and selling tickets in no time. Subsequent events will be even faster to set up as you only need to repeat the last one or two steps.

If you don’t have an Expert account on ChefsFeed, apply here.

Step 1: Decide Whether to Host as an Expert or Business

If you’re one of ChefsFeed’s food and beverage Experts and are going to be the person hosting experiences and managing the digital work—creating the event page, handling the guest list, etc.—then you probably want to host using your existing Expert account and can skip to Step 2.

If you don’t have an Expert account or the events will be hosted by a business (like a restaurant) instead of an individual, then you probably want to host using a more general Host account. These accounts can create and sell tickets to experiences but don’t have other Expert permissions. Please sign up for a User account here, notify experts@chefsfeed.com of the email used to sign up, and we’ll upgrade it to a Host account. We recommend using a general business email such as info@yourrestaurant.com, especially if more than one person may use the account.

You need to be logged into either your Expert or Host account on the CFX website in order to complete the steps below. We also recommend that you complete them on a laptop or desktop computer, not your phone.

Interested in viewing a simplified version of this guide as a video? Here it is for Experts and Hosts.

Step 2: Complete Your Host Profile

This is the profile that will be associated with and linked to from your experiences in the marketplace, so it’s important to put your best foot forward. If you’re using an existing Expert account then your basic information will already be filled in, but you should go through every field and provide as much information as possible.

Step 3: Payment Verification: Verify Your Personal or Company Info with Stripe 

Know Your Customer laws require our payment processor, Stripe, to verify your personal or company information before they can accept money on your behalf. Thus they need to verify your identity before you can post your first experience. This process usually only takes a few minutes, but depending on the information provided you may have to submit additional data like an image of your ID, and you'll be notified by email if this is the case. Stripe is the best in the business and all of your data is kept secure and confidential.

Before you get paid you also need to add your bank account information, so this is a good time to get that out of the way too. Payouts happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Step 4: Create an Experience

This is the experience overview, including title, description, images, pricing (including add-ons, fees, and alternative options), and menu. Although they are called menus they don’t have to be lists of dishes and drinks. The menu could instead include courses to be served, a timeline of events, etc. Logistical details such as date/time, location, and the number of spots are added in the next step. This is so that you can easily host the same experience but with different logistics.

Note: Be sure to use the ADD ITEM button to add an item to the menu.

Regarding pricing: If it’s your first experience you won’t have existing ratings and reviews or repeat happy customers, so consider pricing lower than you normally would and/or create and offer discount codes when you promote the event. To reduce the initial price seen by prospective guests, you also have the option to sell some items as optional add-ons (like drinks), and/or add included fees (like gratuity and tax), which are added and shown on the checkout page.

Step 5: Add a Date and Details and Post It Live!

You’re almost there! Once you’ve created an experience overview you can see it in your Hosting Experiences dashboard. The final steps are:

  • Select “+Add Date and Details”

    • Although many bookings are made in the final few days before an experience, consider posting yours as far in advance as possible, ideally over one month out and farther if you can. Experiences on Thursday through Sunday generally sell the most tickets. Also, consider other events happening in your city (like holidays or festivals) that may increase or decrease attendance on certain dates.


  • Fill out all of the logistics, such as the date/time, location, and the number of spots, then select “I’M DONE”


  • Review and select “POST EXPERIENCE”

That’s it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to experts@chefsfeed.com. You can also find lots of useful info in our Help Center, including tips on marketing