A Message from ChefsFeed

We are committed to stand together with our industry to fight against racism and inequality.

June 2, 2020 ‚óŹ 2 min read


Dear Team Members, Industry Contributors, Readers, Friends, and Partners, 

We need to address our collective heartbreak at the ongoing racial injustice in this country. What has been happening is nothing short of horrific. COVID-19 aside, our country continues to suffer with the death of George Floyd, yet another Black man murdered while in police custody. Each of us needs to look within, better understand our prejudices, educate ourselves, and speak up and act. A viral pandemic is something that we as human beings cannot control. But how we treat each other is something we absolutely can. And right now, we are doing a dreadful job. 

With our respective jobs at ChefsFeed, we must aim higher to highlight diversity. We must push for wider inclusion through doing the work and taking on the responsibility that it's our work to do. Not because it’s relevant or "of the moment," but because it is the right thing to do. There is no hospitality industry without the immense contributions and leadership from the Black community. As we discussed in our Line Up meeting this morning, we must hold ourselves to a high standard and expect ourselves to be thoughtful and impactful. This isn’t the time for a "one social post and done" response. Our approach to everything is to try to be sincere and deliberate. We are committed to stand together with our industry to fight against racism and inequality. Here are a few ways we will commit to this immediately: 

  • Increase the number of Black chefs put in front of brands for paid opportunities
  • Dedicate resources to outreach and onboard more up and coming Black chefs and bartenders
  • Educate our staff by paying for anti-racism materials and training
  • Have difficult conversations that examine hiring processes, the content we create, the events we host, and the ways we use our platform 
  • Identify ways to use our platform to raise awareness and funding for racial justice efforts
  • Examine our role in tokenization in media (hat tip to Jenny Dorsey)
  • LISTEN and be open to criticism (we are info@chefsfeed.com)


This is just the start and is by no means conclusive. We recognize that this effort requires ongoing systemic change and work on our behalf. We can do more. We should do more. It’s undeniable that there’s an empowered faction that will continue to try to divide the country with vile words and actions. The chasm that divides us seems treacherous, but it must be traversed. Emotions will be raw. We all need to educate ourselves, and teach our children, and be prepared to examine and admit our own shortcomings and roles we have played. More than ever, we need to be able to speak out against racism and its impact.

-Rich Maggiotto, CEO, ChefsFeed