5-Steps to Setting Up Your Experience on CFX

Get your first event ready in no time.

July 15, 2020 ‚óŹ 3 min read


Thanks for using ChefsFeed Experiences (CFX) to host live streaming classes! These 5 steps will get your first event ready.

Pro Tip: these steps should be completed on a computer, not a smartphone.

Step 1: ChefsFeed Account & Host Profile

You should already have an Expert account on ChefsFeed. If you don’t please contact ChefsFeed immediately. If you already do, let’s complete or update your Host Profile. This is your public profile on ChefsFeed Experiences. It’s important to put your best foot forward. We highly recommend that you review and complete each field. Please provide as much up-to-date information. Definitely be certain to complete your name, display name, city, profile photo, social and web links, and bio.


Step 2: Verify Payment Information (for Payouts) 

Payouts are scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday via ACH (we use Stripe for processing) after the completion of your hosted experience. If you have not done so already, you need to link up your bank information here: Verify your Payment Info with Stripe. How much money you can make is directly related to how many tickets are sold.


Step 3: ChefsFeed Experiences (CFX) Event Creation

  1. Choose "CREATE NEW EXPERIENCE" from the Account dropdown menu.

  2. Complete the Experience Overview.

    Name – we recommend that you come up with a “catchy name” and angle. Be specific! Instead of “Learn to Bake” say “Really Excellent Cookies To Share With Your Imaginary Friends”.  Please include the time it will happen, including time zone, in the Name. 

    Description (copy and paste the following text) – "ChefsFeed Experiences cooking classes are a chance to virtually connect with culinary pros, learn simple cooking tricks and tips, and most importantly, support the culinary community through this difficult time. After purchasing tickets, you will receive an email at least 24-hours in advance that will contain a private link for you to join the scheduled livestream. It's usually in the confirmation email. Even if you can't make the scheduled class, most experiences are available as recordings at the same private link afterward."

    About You & Your Class – add your personal story, background, and connection to what you’re making. Some examples: Profile: Edouardo Jordan, Profile: Nora Furst, Profile: Joe Sasto 

    Menu – although they are called menus they don’t have to be lists of dishes and drinks. The menu could instead be a simple “class overview” including what to expect in your class, general recipes, tips/tricks, techniques, etc. For example: “Shanghai Style Scallion Pancake – I will be demonstrating how to make the perfect scallion pancake that is flaky, chewy and crispy. Things you'll need are: flour, unbleached kosher salt, 1/2 lb of sliced lardo or thin fatty bacon, 1 bunch scallion, warm water (not from the tap), peanut or vegetable oil (for making roux and frying pancakes), heavy bottom frying pan like cast-iron, spatula, baking sheet pan with wire rack (not essential but good for holding warm pancakes).”

    Price – it’s really up to you! We recommend between $10-15 for a first class. You have the option to sell some items and optional add-ons but given this is a virtual experience, you can include Donations as an add-on. You can also add included fees (like gratuity and tax), which are added and shown on the checkout page.

    Images –  we recommend 2-4 photos including one of yourself and one that pertains to the class you will be streaming.

  3. SAVE - be sure to save your event setup by clicking “SAVE” black-button on the bottom of the page.


Step 4: Select Date & Time for Your First Experience

Date & Time - we’ve found that Monday and Tuesday classes don’t do as well as others. Other than that, which day of the week you choose depends more on the events you’re competing with. Check out https://experiences.chefsfeed.com/browse/ to select a unique time with no similar live stream classes. Learning from past live streams, weekdays at 4-5pm PT is the best start time and on weekends it is 1pm PT. We recommend a class duration of 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Location - venue style "Cooking School," Venue Name "ChefsFeed Studio," Address "Private Link" (use your own city, state, zip code, neighborhood, this is how we determine the time zone the event is in). Save venue.

Confirmation Email Note - the most important part of the event posting! The info you include in the Confirmation Email Note to guests is sent automatically to anyone who purchases a ticket for your class. It must include the following: Thank You Note, Class Date & Time (with time zone). If you are going to share a recipe or ingredient list this is a great spot to do so.


Step 5: SAVE and Click “I’M DONE!” Button 

Click "I'M DONE!" (do not “Post” Experience yet)