Experience the Future of Food

We're excited to be a media sponsor for reThink Food (re-thinkfood.org), a groundbreaking new conference co-presented by The Culinary Institute of America and the MIT Media Lab. The conference will take place November 7-9 in the Napa Valley, and we’ve arranged for a special discount for our loyal Chefs Feed users!

August 26, 2014 ● 1 min read

reThink Food brings together a diverse group of thinkers whose passions revolve around issues and innovations at the intersection of food, technology, behavior, and design—just like ours here at Chefs Feed. The conference will explore how everything from big data to social networking and neuroscience are radically changing our understanding of food and the choices we make.

Speakers will include familiar Chefs Feed contributing chefs such as Christopher Kostow (The Restaurant at Meadowood), Daniel Patterson (The Daniel Patterson Restaurant Group), and Maxime Bilet (Imagine Food) as well as economists Dan Ariely (Duke University) and Michael Norton (Harvard University), scientists Lisa Mosconi (NYULMC) and Howard Shapiro (Mars, Inc.), Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Moss (The New York Times), and journalist and author Tom Standage (The Economist, An Edible History of Humanity). Check out the full programming guide here.

Want to see the future? Use the code RTFCFEED for a 10-percent discount when you register.