SCRAPS: Dave McMillan

All the nubby bits from the pan.

July 9, 2015 ● 1 min read

Ah, McMillan. Endlessly quotable, and never afraid to say exactly what he means. Here's a few gems we saved for a rainy day.

I live my life in French and English. There’s this insular world of what it is to be French, and that has nothing to do with any of this Michelin nonsense. It’s about sitting with your girlfriend in a very nice restaurant, but the whole point of the meal is not be blown away by the chef, it’s about how hard you’re gonna fuck later. That’s the complete difference between French and English. When I’m with Anglophone people, it’s like we’re not sexualized people any more. It’s like, 'uh, that course was good, but they should have used more fleur de sel on the blah blah blah.' That French warmth is lost.

You’ve eaten in Michelin-starred dining rooms. No one sitting next to me is anyone I want to be near. Fat, alpha males tasting wine all day with their trophy plastic-surgery wife experiments, drinking cabernet sauvignon with fish and modifying the whole menu and everybody [in the kitchen] saying yes. It’s bullshit.