20 QUESTIONS for Thai Kun's Thai Changthong

Mysteries abound—who is the girl with the mustache? What species of butterfly is that?

July 22, 2015 ● 1 min read

1. In a bare-knuckles street fight with Paul Qui, who would win? 
I win because I don't think even Manny Pacquiao can beat Thai boxing. Hahaha

2. Most recent discovery

3. Best catchphrase of all time
Bruce Lee scream.

4. Weirdest/best interaction you've ever had with a stranger
Girl with the mustache.

5. Are you a hugger? 
Only my mom. 

6. What's the absolute gnarliest heat in a dish you've ever experienced?
My papaya salad. 

7. My neighborhood sounds like:
I don't know nobody moving in yet.

8. Outer space or deep ocean? 
Deep space cook to the moon.

9. If no one stopped me, I could eat this for days:
Khao mun gai and boat noodle.

10. Weirdest skill:
Drawing a butterfly.

11. Prove it:

12. Childhood nickname?

13. First conversation you had today:
What's for breakfast?

14. The first thing that made me want to do what I do:
I got hungry. I think I got ripped off, so I cooked for myself.

15. First thing I do in a new country:  
Pick up my luggage.

16. The crappy, all-American food thing I can't get enough of:

17. Bruce Lee or Bruce Willis? Or Bruce Wayne? Bruce from Family Guy? CHOOSE A BRUCE
Bruce Lee, no choice.

18. Do you believe in life in other planets?

19. When were you the most recklessly adventurous?
Swimming in the mekong.

20. Fly solo or roll with a wolfpack?
With a crew.