HOSHIGAKI WATCH: North Oakland, baby

Look up!

September 14, 2015 ● 1 min read

Sometimes greatness in the kitchen means clambering up a step stool every so often and awkwardly massaging little orange globes of fruit that NEVER say thank you.

Until it's been a month or so, when the pulp has set into a ridiculously succulent chew, frosted with a delicate sweet powder— maybe that counts as a thank you? Anyway. Such is the pursuit of hoshigaki.

Since persimmons are typically hung to dry in the eaves of houses in Japan, it makes sense that they've been spotted stretching across the ceiling of chef Marcus Krauss's new home: Salsipuedes, in Oakland, California. If this joint is not already on your usual rotation, Oaklanders, check yourself—it's billed as a contemporary, seaside Mexican spot, but Krauss is ex-Meadowood (and ex-Marines) and sneaks classy AF Japanese stylings into his menu. Umeboshi plum, yes. Tempura sea beans, YES (with a side of kewpie, obviously). The persimmons hanging above your head right now are destined for a side of green tea ice cream this winter. Since winter is basically summer over there, that's a win. 

Such is the charm of this exuberant and seafoam green-walled joint: you're always in the middle of it all, even without that coveted on-the-line spot at the bar.

Alert the world to your hoshigaki sightings in the comments below so we can all go CRAZY.