Top Ten—Trevor Kunk, Press Restaurant, Napa


October 22, 2015 ● 2 min read

Trevor Kunk takes on our top ten challenge, and doesn't disappoint—anyone who makes chicken wings a close second to their family is A-OK in our books.

1. My Amazing Family

My wife Jasmine and I have two beautiful kiddos that I try to spend every waking moment with. Tickle Taco Tuesday is the jam at our house!

2. Chicken Wings

When I was ten, I received a Lil Pappy Fryer as a gift that we kept on our porch in Florida and it all went uphill from there. Hot, Naked & Wet all the time. 

3. What Others Are Doing (Pics/Writings)

Staying in touch with friends can be tough but now it's much easier. And the virtual high-fives, endless. 

4. Roadhouse

Two things to say here. Patrick Swayze, and the greatest movie of all time. Argue all you want. I watch it once a week.

5. The Great Whites of Napa

There is a group of winemakers that are doing something a bit different, breaking the barrier of what is traditional here and thinking completely out of the box. Dan Petroski, Abe Schoener, Matthew Rorick, Steve Mathiasson and Ryan & Megan Glaab are leading the charge and not stopping anytime soon!

6. Utilization of everything possible 

We are constantly pushing ourselves to be creative and utilize every bit of product we can and we are having a great time doing it. Lettuce Jam, Carbonized Citrus (byproduct of juicing) and a Dry-Aged Beef Fat Broth to name a few. Why put it into family meal or the compost pile when we could make it delicious and serve it to our guests?

7. Girl Talk, Night Ripper

No music on my phone, no iPod and the last CD I bought was probably in 2002. I did borrow a CD from a friend in 2006, and have had it in my car ever since... I always start with "Smash our Head." Hello Biggie and Sir Elton. 

8. T-Shirts 

White, bright, dark, old, new, fun or slightly offensive, anything. It's gotten to the point now that when a shirt becomes too worn, the kids ask to have it to sleep in or to keep for themselves when they are older. My wife hates this!

9. Sandwiches

Quite possibly the greatest engineering in all of food, when done correctly of course. Missing Mile End and No. 7 Sub right now but hear Merigan Sub Shop and Deli Board are killing it!

10. Condiments 

Creamy, emulsified, chunky, crunchy, pickled, spicy, sour, sweet, bitter, herbaceous...not talking standard shelf fare here, but the condiments that are made with heart and soul make you smile, and your head spin. 

Press in St. Helena is some mega-eloquent ish. Kunk knows what he's up to out there, and now you do too.