Top Ten—Kenny Gilbert, Gilbert's Underground Kitchen, Florida

Alligator and CT Fletcher! One teaches you to wrestle the other! #florida

October 27, 2015 ● 2 min read

Don't be fooled into thinking the only true BBQ exists in the Texas's and Tennessee's of the world: Florida, and chef Kenny Gilbert in particular, has got that spicy, smoky, meaty arena on lock. Here's what else he loves (including more BBQ). 

1. My new iPhone 6s

My phone is my connection to my world. My notes, social media, friends, taking photos, etc...posts by guests that come in and dine at my restaurant equal happy guests, employees working and profits!

2. My wife Anna

She is such a blessing in my life. Funny, crazy as hell, the best business partner that I could have and she loves me so much. It's great to be loved and tortured at the same time. 

3. My Gym

Getting up at 6:50 am everyday to work out listening to CT Fletcher! I get so jacked for the day after a great work out, and CT Fletcher gets me going.

4. Oak and Pecan Wood 

I'm obsessed with BBQ, and cooking with wood. Gator ribs, pork spare ribs, pulled pork. Love it. 

5. Spice Rubs

I have using so many spices at my restaurant and it makes such a huge difference in my food. Jerk, Cajun, Cinnamon Coffee, Fried Chicken Spice and Moroccan Spice rubs are the foundation of my food. 

6. Korean BBQ

I love, love, love and love Korean BBQ. Sam Won Gardens in Jacksonville is my favorite spot. We order everything from Kimchi Soup, Bulgogi and Seafood Pancake along with a cold Hite or OB Beer. The best.

7. Sisig from Pig & Khao in NYC

When I go to the city I have to order this from Leah Cohen. I crave it so much that I created a Southern version called Sizzling Swine at my restaurant. Yummy.

8. Chicken Liver Bolognese from Sotto 13

Ed Cotton served this up to me the last time I was in the city and I tell you what is so freaking delicious. 

9. Craft Cocktails

Grape and Grain Cocktails in San Marco—every cocktail here is on point. These guys and gals do it up right. Moxie Kitchen and Cocktails as well. Super yummy and creative. Ice Plant in St Augustine—decor, vibe and drinks are awesome.

10. Alligator Meat and Mullet

I've been obsessed with cooking local Florida ingredients since moving back to North East FL. Alligator ribs and fore shanks are so good. We got it dialed in at Gilbert's Underground Kitchen. Pimento Cheese Dumplings with Pulled Smoked Alligator Ribs and Baby Lima Beans. Smoked Mullet Fish Boards are so good. Our locals love it.