Top Ten—Jeff McInnis, Root & Bone, New York City

Drink your bourbon with your boots on.

November 12, 2015 ● 1 min read

When you stick a dude from Niceville, FL in New York City, he brings a love for cowboy boots and good bourbon with him. And honeybees. Jeff McInnis, the executive chef over at Alphabet City's root & bone is one hell of a chef, a liver of the good life, and yes, a nice guy. 

1.  Good Coffee 

Unfortunately, I cant drink weak coffee anymore. Coffee from a gas station or vending machine just won’t cut it for me anymore. I really love all the small spots in NYC that focus on fresh roasting and grinding. 

2. Real Honey

So versatile. And endangered. Save the bees!!!!  

3. Cheese and Wine  

Cypress Grove Cheese and Schramsberg Sparkling. I love a late lazy afternoon with these two combinations—fatty cheese and crisp wine.  

4. Music   

Whether it's live, or playing over my new Sonos system in the restaurant. I think music sets the tone for the day: rock & roll in the beginning, and slow jazz in the evening. 

5. Cowboy Boots 

I love my boot collection. Plenty of different skins. 

6. My daughter's kisses and cuddles 

Couldn’t live without her love. She’s three and got so much personality. She’s now learned that I’m obsessed with her love and plays hard to get.  I remember doing the same to my mom. 

7. Bourbon

Good bourbon. I couldn’t live without it. We have a stellar collection at root & bone. 

8. My girlfriend Janine’s supporting arms 

Janine is my rock, my business partner and my love. Without her shoulder I’d be lost. 

9. Local Atlantic/Gulf of Mexico seafood

Fishing is my passion. Love a good head-on, whole-roasted or grilled fish! Line-caught only! 

10. Our new test kitchen above root & bone

We just finished our new office/test kitchen which has been the best tool in creating new exciting dishes for our restaurant, root & bone, as well as our new concept in the works: Sarsaparilla Club. 

Keep an eye on the Miami skyline for Jeff and Janine's forthcoming Sarsaparilla Club, and in the meantime, vibe out at root & bone