20 QUESTIONS for Todd Duplechan, Lenoir, AUSTIN

That super fun game you play when you're dying of boredom in a car!

November 19, 2015 ‚óŹ 2 min read

For your reading pleasure, we humbly present a lightning round with Todd Duplechan, chef and co-owner of Lenoir and Metier's Cook Supply (along with wife Jessica Maher) in Austin, TX. 

1. I know all the lyrics to: 

Tons of songs. I have a terrible memory but within a few notes can name a tune. But as part of my bad memory, I can't tell you the name of the song, album or where it lies in the track list. But, I know the melody and can sing it to you.

2. Post-shift ritual: 

Bitters and happy water (carbonated rain water from Dripping Springs, TX).

3. Last person you talked to? 

Brady Lowe from Cochon 555.

4. Would you say you're a good judge of character? 

Yes, but some always slip through.

5. Best advice you ever received? 

Figure out what your boss wants and give it to them.

6. What was the last super-vivid dream you had? 

I was cooking a pop up dinner with Zack Northcutt from Swifts and the kitchen was in the camper if a dually-4x4-limousine, and the space between the hot line and the reach-ins was about 10". I don't like small spaces. so I kinda flipped out.

7. Would you rather break down fish, meat, or a mountain of veg? 

Fish, I'm just better at it.

8. Worst haircut you ever had? 

Lack of a haircut...when I was 17, I grew my hair out and had a ponytail...terrible.

9. Are you a sleeptalker/sleepwalker? 

If it can be done in your sleep, I have done it.

10. Is mayo the food of the devil? Or the best thing ever invented? 

Mayo shmayo.

11. Favorite place in NYC 

Coming over the Brooklyn Bridge on the train with Manhattan in view, such a great feeling ....

12. Favorite place in Austin 

Hidden beach on the Colorado river.

13. Is it worse for a dish to be over or under-seasoned? 

Under, by far.

14. If you could master one random life skill, what would it be? 


15. The last time I had a day off, I: 

Played soccer with my boys for three hours in 95 degrees.

16. Most misunderstood ingredient?

Tuna or rice.

17. Bowling or pool? 


18. One thing you didn't see coming about having kids? 


19. Do you believe in fate?


20. The most supernatural encounter you've ever had: 

While having drinks at Charlie Browns in Denver, a Native American man rode up on a horse and ask to join us. His name was Geome, he lived in a yurt. It was my Jim Morrison moment.

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