Industry Guest Editors—December

Shannon Waters (Aatxe) & Liz Subauste (Consultant to the Universe)

November 30, 2015 ● 1 min read

It was about time. 

That's the first reason for our new guest editor program. The second: we've always been about giving this industry their voices back, and there is no better way to do so than by dragging their tired asses in on their mornings off and prying open their brains. Maybe there's coffee, maybe we torture them with just water. Who knows.  

There is an infinite caucus of opinions and knowledge on what's going on the food world, and most of it is written from behind the desks of a select few. Around and around and around the content mill we all go. A fervent passion for a subject is a different beast when you live it—exactly why we've always insisted on reviews written by chefs—and this is the next step of that firmly-held conviction: content, directed and curated by these industry editors, for an audience of their peers. 

What we've found so far is that while awards and slick rankings will always be worthy gossip fodder, there is a far-reaching need for real information among industry readers. How the hell do you balance a budget? How do you stack a critic in your favor? How do you keep your staff happy? Granular, nitty-gritty, keep-you-in-cold-sweats questions.  

This month, we've got two on board: Shannon Waters, executive sous chef of San Francisco's Aatxe, and Liz Subauste, whose work as a consultant can be seen and felt from the East Coast to the West.

They both agree Burnt looks stupid as hell, so you know you can trust them. Stay tuned, and look for their stamp of approval this month. 

Illustration by Vivian Shih