'ZINE WIRE: Gastronomie D'Enfer has graced us subhumans once more

A Volume Three teaser, from your old pal The Surly Gourmand.

December 17, 2015 ● 1 min read

Gastronomie D'Enfer never ceases to tickle our fancy—it IS the "best food magazine in the entire world," after all. If you're a little worn out on the pristine visions of mainstream glossies, give this Satanic grimoire for the food-inclined a shot. It's a breath of fresh (sulfurous, Hell-perfumed) air.

Editor-in-Chief and Founder extraordinaire, The Surly Gourmand, sent us this missive this morning: Volume Three is now available for your greedy little devil-worshipping paws. 

Subscriptions to this hot devious rag are available through their website, or individual copies can be picked up from any of their delightful vendors. Shock your loved ones who Instagram their poorly-lit meals too much this season!