Introducing Refer a Friend

(The Buddy System was taken.)

February 12, 2016 ● 1 min read

You can now bring your crew to ChefsFeed. 

You might notice there's a shiny new button on your app’s homescreen. When you open that sucker up, you'll see a skull with a plus sign in the top left corner—that allows you to send a ChefsFeed homing signal to all your fellow eaters. You’ve got until April 1 to invite as many friends as you can, and here's what you get out of it:

Initiate five new people into the ChefsFeed universe, and you’ve got a custom bandana coming your way; sweet talk 25 people onto this party bus and we’ll ship you one of the softest damn hoodies known to mankind (the ones you’ve seen chefs sporting all over Internet Kingdom); the one crazy-eyed fanatic among you who refers the highest number of new users will get all that AND we shall bequeath you 100 bucks. Put it towards an extravagant blow-out at a restaurant you’ve had your eye on, OR spend it on a mountain of wings. No judgment.  

Ghost hoodies!

Now for some rules and stuff: new people have to be, you guessed it, new. Once you send them an invite, they must officially create and log into their account in the app for it to help you on your path to glory. For a complete list of rules, see: Referral Program Terms and Conditions.

Fine print stuff: we can only ship to US, UK and Canada. Womp. 

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