Good Karma Alert

Every review counts.

February 16, 2016 ● 1 min read

We’re big picture people.  

We always have been. That’s why every time a chef reviews a dish on ChefsFeed, it doesn’t just work to empower the restaurant industry from within, it brings all of us a little bit closer to ending child hunger in America. Seriously.   

We began supporting mega do-gooders No Kid Hungry® because we dig their determined fight to keep hunger, in all its forms, center stage. One in five kids in this country struggles with access to good food, which is as reeling a statistic as you can get for anyone with a passion for this business.
And because the pursuit of the big is driven by the persistence of the small, we’ve pledged to keep it a part of our collective conversation by donating $1 to No Kid Hungry, every single time a chef is moved by a particular dish. Basically: spread the love in your reviews, automatically help feed more kids. 

In the meantime, the No Kid Hungry 2016 Culinary Events season is picking up steam, and that means Taste of the Nation, a mighty affair many of you have either cooked for or attended in the past. The proceeds from each event are given over entirely to food banks, food policy advocates, and food shelters in your neck of the woods. It's like a quadruple win.

And that's all we popped in here to say. Widespread hunger is still an unacceptable reality in a realm that prides itself on community—and you can absolutely do something about it. To start: cook beautiful food, feed as many people as you can, and continue to share the brilliance of others. 

Go forth, superheroes of the line.