Top Ten—Jason Dady, Jason Dady Restaurants, San Antonio

Just try and read this without packing up and escaping into the wild. (With a travel kit of gochujang.)

March 2, 2016 ● 1 min read

Dady is one of those people that makes living it up in The Lone Star state sound like the only thing you should be thinking about right now. Consider this your roadmap, with a few key condiments thrown in for good measure, (because road snacks).  

1. Kewpie

Still the undisputed champion of the mayo world.

2. Gochujang

Spicy, funky, adding great depth to many, many applications.  We use it on our briskets at B&D Ice House. It's fantastic.

3. Alabama Gulf Oysters

ABSOLUTELY the best gulf oysters I’ve ever had.

4. Mescal

Can’t get enough of it. The artisanal stuff being produced now is beyond delicious.

5. Blood Orange Vinegar

Great addition to soups and salads. Adds just enough acidity without overpowering.

6. Crawfish Boils

At home, at work — always the perfect way to feed a crowd, chill out, and relax.

7. Camping

Get the eff away from reality, pitch a tent, sit around a campfire and kick back a couple bottles of wine.

8. Fishing

Literally nothing more therapeutic than being on the water first thing in the AM and casting a couple lines.

9. Cigars

Like fine wine, so much to learn and so many options.

10. The Elections

Intrigued by it all — kinda obsessed with it, actually.

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