Top Ten — Eric Johnson, Stateside, Seattle

An expat comes home, still loves jackfruit.

March 25, 2016 ● 1 min read

Over a decade working abroad led Johnson to put down roots in Seattle — here's the Stateside chef-owner's ten favorite things in life, right now. 

1. Jackfruit 

The subtleties of this amazing fruit are fascinating. I don’t know why people aren’t eating this all the time.

2. Video

I got started with it making funny videos for our Instagram account, and got more and more into stop motion, time lapse — and learning all about it.

3. Condiments

A no-brainer, but we just finished creating a Asian condiment list in the form of a wine list for Stateside. So much fun to research.

4. Skiing

After skiing for most of my youth, it fell by the wayside when I was living abroad. Washington has a completely underrated ski scene.

5. Spiral-cut curry puffs

The technique is almost like a croissant, only more challenging. We’re on a quest for the perfect one.

6. Seward Park, Seattle

I live right next to an incredibly beautiful, small park on the water with first-growth forest. It’s a terrific escape to try to learn all about every inch of it.

7. Ling Cod

A beautiful fish to eat and, I think, the most fun to fish for in Puget Sound.

8. Distressing mirrors

We’d like them in our new bar, Foreign National. We’re working on the process for doing it ourselves.

9. Making friends

Now that we’ve been open a year, we just now have a little time to reach out and get to know the Seattle restaurant community. What a fantastic group…

10. Sauce Béarnaise

Talk about a great condiment.

Chef Eric Johnson | Stateside 
Illustration by Liz Noftle | Original image via Kyle Johnson