Announcement: Cool New App Features

Save and share the best of the ChefsFeed universe.

April 11, 2016 ● 2 min read

While you were staring down the business end of a sushi burger last week (wondering if the whole world’s going to pot or what), we here at ChefsFeed were rolling out a few new features for our app-alter ego.

You can now create personalized, shareable lists for every possible scenario AND upvote the best of everything ChefsFeed has to offer. Stack your profile with running tallies of dishes you want to eat, restaurants you want to visit, guides to help you along the way, chefs you trust — plus any and all stories and videos — and get an at-a-glance look at what's trending in your city. Here’s the official owner’s manual.


This one's easy. Look for the flame and tap it to shout out what's hot in your city, be it dish, video, story, or guide. One glance will show you what's captivating your fellow food geeks. 



Remember all those dishes you saved and chefs you bookmarked for safekeeping? Those have been magically transformed into starter lists — find them in your profile.


Anytime a piece of content catches your eye in the app, one tap on the bookmark icon will add it to an existing list, or give you the option to build a brand new one. This is the case for everything — literally, everything — that tickles your fancy: stories, videos, restaurants, dishes, guides, chefs. The works.


Everyone at work is obsessed with that tostada place down the street. Note to self: track down tostada in ChefsFeed, save to ‘Try This, God Damn It’ list, eat tostada.

You’re the obsessive-compulsive type who enjoys Google Street-Viewing the neighborhoods you visit. You also may or may not have a spreadsheet with your recent dining conquests. Combine the two, and you have a readymade, grab-and-go ChefsFeed list tailored to your travel.

Desperate for a good distraction while surrounded by fellow commuters? Save all those videos and stories you didn’t consume at work (boss was watching), and escape to an industry haven where no one is mouth-breathing nearby or sneezing on your shared handrail.


Your lists were made to be shared; email them with ease to that friend who always hits you up for recommendations, text it to your coworker who desperately needs ideas for an ill-advised Tinder date, Facebook it to your mom (whose current goal is to live that “foodie” life and Instagram her blurry findings). You've got great taste — show the rest of us how it's done.  

Update your phone, people. Time to go nuts. 

Original image of robot on a lunch break via James Nuanez