Dining Out with a Small, Filterless Version of Yourself

Meet Harlow, daughter of food trucker Han Hwang.

April 14, 2016 ● 2 min read

Since Harlow was born, my outlook on dining out has changed.

I don’t eat in bars or get to have happy hour any more — I’m ok with that — but it has changed the way I cook and treat customers when they come by the truck. I have become more sympathetic for people trying to eat with a screaming baby. 

My daughter used to only know to eat the things I eat, but now she will change the way she eats it. For example, she won’t use a fork to eat salad, just her thumb and index finger. When we eat noodles, she definitely tries to eat with chopsticks. Which is awesome. Very Big Deal for me. Like, I cried the first time she attempted to use them on her own. 

Watching Harlow’s tastes develop was kind of a blur. She is a chef’s daughter, so she eats erry thang; it’s funny to watch her push away kid’s menu items. She'll see her parents eating appetizers and entrees, then look at her kid’s meal, push it away, and take my plate and say, “Thank you Dad!”

She will try just about anything, so exposing her to new things is easy. We are working on getting her tolerance up for spicy food now. It’s pretty fun trying to trick her into eating spicy food. 

Eating habits: when we have noodles, she usually drinks all the soup first, then eats what is left. She will always say thank you, hello, and goodbye at every restaurant we go to. Being polite is always a habit that she has intact when going out to eat — my wife did a great job making sure [of that.]

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As told to Cassandra Landry | All absurdly adorable images courtesy of Han Hwang