Mentor Letters: Alex Harrell, Angeline

To Gerard Maras.

May 3, 2016 ● 1 min read

New Orleans is what you might call tight-knit. 

Plenty of people come to cook from somewhere else, but it's the relationships forged in the Big Easy that make them stay. For Alex Harrell (of newcomer French Quarter spot Angeline), one such connection was found in the kitchen of renowned chef Gerard Maras. 

Last year, a group of chefs came together at Hollywood's Chateau Marmont to cook, drink, and reflect on those key figures who helped define their careers. The unabridged letters originally appeared in the pages of limited-edition print magazine, Bill of Fare—we've republished them here to make your day suck less! Life is good! 


With the opening of Angeline and the realization of my dream to own my own place, I’ve recently thought a lot about how it started. I remember the moments that helped to define my career to this point, and I remember the amazing amount of support that I have been given by the people that mean so much to me. Without a doubt, I would not be where I am had I not spent my time as a cook in your kitchens. You taught me focus, refined my technique, showed me discipline, and developed my skills. You taught me every manner of the meaning of what it is to be a chef. I know that you hate the word mentor, but that is exactly what you have been to me. Thank you for your patience, your trust, and your friendship.