Compliments of the Chef with Traci Des Jardins

This week, Chefs Feed met up with renowned chef Des Jardins at her restaurant in Hayes Valley.

December 6, 2013 ‚óŹ 1 min read

CF: I'm best known for my _______ but I can make one hell of a _______. 
TDJ: fancy French cooking; taco 

CF: Three words your sous chef would use to describe you. 
TDJ: Absolute. Bad. Ass. 

CF: What are you most excited about right now in your restaurant? 
TDJ: I'm excited about the next 15 years. We just celebrated our 15th anniversary and we are currently in the process of evolution. Modernization and staying relevant is the name of the game. 

CF: Which chef would you drop everything to stage with? 
TDJ: April Bloomfield, the "vegetable whisperer." She is a brillant cook, has such a great range of restaurants, and is a good friend of mine. 

CF: Insider tip from the kitchen for diners. 
TDJ: Trust me, you don't want to order the squab medium. Just order something else because it's just going to end up tasting like liver. 

CF: Message to professional food critics. 
TDJ: The dishes we're serving here are the same signature dishes we've been doing for 15 years now. They are dishes that stand the test of time. It doesn't always have to be something you've never seen before. If a restaurant is executing well, the food is delicious, and the service is great, why is there a need for novelty? Consistency is harder than change. 

CF: One piece of advice for aspiring young chefs. 
TDJ: Be prepared to work your ass off. There is no easy route to becoming a chef. 

CF: What's for family meal tonight? 
TDJ: Brisket sandwiches in the form of pizza bread.