Burning Q: Maya Erickson, Lazy Bear

We just have one question.

June 7, 2016 ● 1 min read

Q: How do you know when you've found your creative identity?

A: I've found it and changed it many times. I think what is so exciting about cooking, and any art form really, is that your voice can change so many times throughout your career.

My personal style is in a constant evolution. I pull inspiration from so many places and experiences that I hesitate to lockdown what I think my identity in the culinary world is. I am terrified of hitting a plateau and being in a place where I'm not pushing myself to be better and more creative than I was the day before. The food that I'm making now is absolutely the best representation of who I am as a pastry chef currently, but I'm sure that will be very different 10 years from now. 

— Maya Erickson, Lazy Bear