Compliments of the Chef with Bruce Sherman

This week, Chefs Feed met up with renowned chef Sherman at his restaurant North Pond in Lincoln Park.

December 6, 2013 ● 1 min read

CF: I'm best known for my _______ style of cooking but I can make one hell of a _______. 
BS: seasonal American; South Indian curry 

CF: A few words your sous chef would use to describe you. 
BS: Demanding, fair, funny, and clever. 

CF: What are you most excited about right now in your restaurant? 
BS: I'm really enjoying the cooler, crisp weather and the accompanying foods and flavors that the autumn months bring. To highlight this season, I'm offering a wild wood pigeon and pheasant dish with fall apples and squash. 

CF: Which chef would you drop everything to stage with? 
BS: If I could go back in time, I'd love to cook with my mother. When she passed, I was just a young college grad and hadn't gotten into food yet, but I now realize that her cooking and influence are the reasons why I'm doing what I do today. 

CF: Insider tip from the kitchen for diners. 
BS: We can (and are happy to) handle all of your dietary needs, but please give us a proper warning. Call ahead and let us know; don't tell your server when you are already at the table. 

CF: Message to professional food critics. 
BS: Consider the soul, substance, and taste of the food rather than what it looks like and who's sitting around you. 

CF: One piece of advice for aspiring young chefs. 
BS: Understand that it takes sacrifice and commitment to be good at anything you do, just like how Malcolm Gladwell explains it with his 10,000-Hour Rule. 

CF: Favorite fro-yo combo? 
BS: Green tea with mochi. 

CF: Is there anything you don't like? 
BS: I have a psychological aversion to calf's liver but I love pâté and foie gras, anything that is more refined. 

CF: Thick or thin patty? 
BS: Thick and charbroiled. 

CF: What's for family meal tonight? 
BS: Coconut fish stew, made simply with fish scraps, coconut, and a little bit of spice. It's delicious.