Five Random Questions for The Delightful Scott Vivian

The chef of Toronto's Beast considers aggressive geese, his hometown, and his Achilles Heel.

June 20, 2016 ● 1 min read

As a human, Scott Vivian ranks up there with John Cusack in Grosse Pointe Blank and whomever invented waffle fries (read: excellent). 

He's also a prodigiously talented chef, beloved across Toronto and Canada and at least 32 out of 50 states in the US for his restaurant, Beast. He is a prince among men — now get to know him with these nonsense questions!

1. F/M/K: Montreal, Portland, an aggressive goose.

Fuck: Portland. I lived in Portland for two amazing years and really enjoyed it. It was my first downtown living experience, but I was ready to move on and live in a larger city; it was a fling in my culinary career if you will. 

Marry: Montreal. My birthplace and a city that is near and dear to my heart. The culture, food scene, friends and family will always be there for me like a good marriage. If we ever got divorced though, you better believe I'll be giving Portland a call! 

Kill: An aggressive goose. Those things can be real assholes. [I'd] roast it whole and have a huge celebration with all my friends. I don't even know if it would taste good, but there would be plenty of booze to make sure no one cared.

2. What's one word you would use to describe American misconceptions about Canada?

Uneducated. Or ignorant.

3. What is your culinary Achilles heel?

Pastries. I'm decent with breads and donuts (of course) but I can't make desserts to save my life. Love to eat them though!  

4. If you could only eat at one restaurant for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Edulis. Chefs Michael Caballo and Tobey Nemeth create such a wonderful atmosphere with their hospitality and generosity. Their food is absolutely inspiring and the menu changes every week, so I'd never get tired of eating the same thing.

5. Top 5 Within A Top 5 (meta-5)

1.  My dog, Rory.
2.  My parents.
3.  Cheeseburgers.
4.  An ice cold beer.
5.  Led Zeppelin.

Richie Nakano | Collage by ChefsFeed