We Were Serious When We Said "Chef-Powered" Food Media, You Guys

Introducing the Chef Advisory Board.

June 20, 2016 ● 3 min read

Everyone needs a friend who will tell you when you’re being an asshole, or when you have lettuce in your teeth. Someone who laughs at your (very) bad jokes, throws their conviction behind your weird ideas, and indulges in those late-night world-domination plots.  

We’re lucky as hell — because we’ve got seven of them, and are actively recruiting more to the gang.

Collectively, these lovable nut-jobs make up our Chef Advisory Board, who function as both checkpoints and inspiration as we continue to create the kind of content this industry deserves. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE:

PHILIP SPEER | Bonhomie | Austin, TX  

You may have caught Speer’s revealing turn in his episode of Elevated last year; if you did, you’ll know that this boundary-breaking pastry chef has had his fair share of demons. The tragedy of Speer’s experiences makes the beauty of his comeback all the more striking — and stands as a reminder of the redemptive power of this industry. A born and bred Texan, his ties to the growing community keeps the brilliance of the South top of mind here at HQ, and his forthcoming restaurant, Bonhomie, is slated to open in the fall of 2016.     

RICHIE NAKANO | Pizzeria Delfina | San Francisco, CA  

No one embodies the rabble-rouser spirit of the journeyman quite like Nakano, who both advocates for the industry at large and calls out aaalll your bullshit under the banner of @linecook — patron saint of the underdogs. Founder of the Mission District’s dearly-departed Hapa Ramen, Nakano currently mans the helm at Pizzeria Delfina and writes on the reg for us here at ChefsFeed.

REBECCA MASSON | Fluff Bake Bar | Houston, TX  

You know we’ve got the infamous Sugar Fairy on our team. (With those cakes, it was inevitable.) Masson is the foul-mouthed fairy godmother of your dreams, who bakes like a goddamn champion and speaks to your soft squishy heart with her contagious positivity. She’s a veteran of badass spots like NYC’s The Red Cat, and fuses legit industry cred with a willingness to be silly. Which frankly, makes us laugh, so here we are. 

GREGORY GOURDET | Departure | Portland, OR/Denver, CO  

Fly as hell former hair model and guy who warps the magnetic force of every room he walks into, Gourdet is a stunning example of what happens when you indulge your curiosity to the far ends of the earth. The chef of Departure and creative force behind Chefs Week PDX is the poster-child for reinvention, and keeps us plugged into the indie spirit of the industry’s best up and coming chefs.

JAMIE BISSONNETTE | Toro, Coppa, Little Donkey | Boston, MA and New York City, NY  

A key player in New England’s ascendency to the culinary main-stage, Bissonnette first became synonymous with killer tapas at Toro (which made the jump from Boston to New York, then to Thailand). Then came Italian enoteca Coppa, and next up is Little Donkey, an all-day spot across the river in Cambridge. Biss has been around from the beginning, and he has the best taste in music — which is really that’s all we were looking for, tbh.

CHAZ BROWN | Consulting Chef | New York City, NY 

Chaz Brown is one of those dudes who has worked everywhere and knows everyone. He knows the game, he respects it, and his insight strengthens the conviction of what ChefsFeed puts up. Perhaps best known for his turn on Season 9 of Top Chef, Brown currently consults for restaurants all throughout New York City — he’s a jack of all trades, a freelancing mercenary of the industry, and his energy is unbeatable.

JASON STRATTON | Mamnoon | Seattle   

Every dream team needs a dreamer, and for us, that’s Stratton. Besides being one hell of a cook, he’s a culturally-savvy academic who grew up with dreams of becoming a poet. Currently the executive chef of self-described modern union of Middle Eastern cuisine, Mamnoon, Stratton can always be counted on for a nuanced analysis of the long game. And a killer round of karaoke with his alter ego Sissy Chablis.       

Illustration and animation by Meryl Rowin