Top Ten — Uno Immanivong, Chino, DALLAS

You probably already knew this, but Chef Uno is a bit of a badass. Tupac and flow, y'all.

July 25, 2016 ● 1 min read

The chef of Chino
 Chinatown in Dallas, Texas is best known for her stint on The Taste a few years backwhere Anthony Bourdain helped coach her natural talent into the spotlight. The experience helped her to open Chino, an experimental stab at Latin-Asian fusion, with inspiration pulled from her Thai upbringing.

What we dig about Immanivong is perfectly showcased in her Top Ten choices, below: a far-ranging field of passions, with the balls to go in on every one of em. 

1. Listening to my 12-year-old daughter share her thoughts, vision of the world, and career aspirations.

Emma's untarnished, infinite wisdom shapes and inspires who I am. 

2. A sharp knife.

It's therapeutic to hear and feel the rhythm of metal on a whetstone. 

3. Pandora

The stations vary: Tupac, Kygo, Marvin Gaye. The project at hand determines the artist. 

4. Yoga

A self-inflicted time out to decompress, meditate and flow. 

5. Grilled jalapeños

It can never be too spicy. To kick it up another notch, I make it rain with Melinda's 'Red Savina' Hot Sauce (which may or may not be in my bag).

6. La Croix

Yasss, I'm part of this craze. Right now it's passion fruit. No calories to stay hydrated. 

7. Chef's Table on Netflix

Late-night, unwind... a reminder that life is a journey. 

8. Finding a new ingredient

Yuzu kosho is a difference-maker. No one can really identify the flavor but they know it's distinctive and delicious.

9. Portrait of a Lady perfume

If I'm going to look like a hot mess after leaving Chino, I might as well smell good.

10. Hendrick's Gin martini

Shaken hard by my favorite bartender, Sammy. The chards of ice that dance happily on top make my heart smile.

Original image via James Gates | Illustration by Liz Noftle