Top Ten—Jordan Andino, 2nd City, New York City

Longboarding the city grid, wind in your hair...

July 25, 2016 ● 2 min read

Listen, Jordan Andino's got his shit on lock. B
orn in Canada, raised in California, and classically trained in Napa and New York City, this is a guy whose rise through the ranks has a distinctly charged feel to it. His West Village spot 2nd City is a nod to his mother's hometown in the Philippines, and fuses Filipino classics with a pseudo-taqueria vibe.

Andino is one of those chefs synonymous with a singular, fierce vision of disruption in the industry — all that hustling requires one hell of a balancing act. Read on to see what keeps him sane.  

1. Surfing

Recent trips to Costa Rica and Puerto Rico resurrected my dormant love for surfing, so now I find myself going to The Rockaways to get a decent shoulder.... small, but fun. At times.

2. Working Out

Opening restaurants can become a life consuming habit and working out breaks it up — and calms my nerves before and after my meetings.

3. Tupac 

Always loved West Coast rap (I grew up in Manhattan Beach, CA) and always listened to Pac. "I Get Around" shuffled onto my iPod and I can't stop listening to him!

4. Pasta

Nothing beats an amazing pesto sauce and/or Bolognese. Handmade pasta, proper Italian cheese, and great technique CANNOT be replicated by just anyone. Finding these things has been high priority for me for the past few months.

5. Haircuts

I'm realizing that my hair won't be on my head forever (NOOOOOOOO!!!) so why not get some sick-ass cuts while I got the flow to

6. Pokémon Go

I'd like to say that i'm NOT ASHAMED at all for listing this. I played as a kid and this app struck the nostalgia chord big time — I'm even exchanging lures at poké stops for free sides at my restaurant.

7. My longboard

Beautiful weather and my longboard are like peas and carrots, lamb and tuna fish. I love the mobility and efficiency of skateboarding in NYC.

8. Floral prints

My restaurant uniforms are Aloha style short-sleeve collared shirts and my mom got me floral pants for my birthday. Now I'm designing a whole clothing line... oh boy.

9. Pimm's Cups

Summer drinking is amazing. This drink, to me, encompasses all that is great about summer drinking.

10. Travel

Planning trips to Arizona, Toronto, LA, Nevada, and Saratoga Springs within the next two months! Although international travel is amazing, I'll take North America any day — I love seeing new places and ESPECIALLY eating new regional foods.

Illustration by Liz Noftle | Collage by ChefsFeed