Top Ten—Naomi Elze-Harris, High Treason, San Francisco

The coolest kid on the block.

July 25, 2016 ● 2 min read

As co-chef of San Francisco wine bar High Treason, Naomi Elze-Harris is a fantastic example of the way the city will survive the batshit-crazy era it's having: young, enthusiastic, ego-free cooks in casual, high-quality, hidden-gem kitchens. That's not too tall an order right?? Plus, someone who digs lurid pulp fiction novels and good, strong iced coffee is ace in our book. 

Read on for the ten things in her life, right now: 

1. Handmade ceramics

Yeah, yeah everyone loves Heath but I've been really into Florian Gadsby (@floriangadsby), Studio Arhoj (@studioarhoj) and Lorien Stern (@lorienstern). 

2. Melona Bars

Oh man, I've loved these things since I was a kid but my roommates and I just discovered that the Japanese snack store across the street sells them. We've been through three boxes this week.

3. King Krule

Archy Marshall has been around for awhile now, I've been a fan since he was still known as Zoo Kid. His only full length "6 ft Beneath the Moon" is my prep time go-to.

4. Enamel Pins

All "flair" jokes aside, I love being able to wear little mini pieces of art. 

5. Red Boat Fish Sauce

When I cook at home I've basically given up on salt. I just pour fish sauce all over everything. It's also great for adding some umami to tomato sauces if you're running short on time. 

6. Overwatch

Cause nothing does you more good after a long night than a cold beer and shooting some n00bs in the face.

7. Black

Everything. I've given up on sorting laundry and trying to match furniture. 

8. Pulp Fiction

I don't mean the movie. I read a lot but when I'm too short on time for anything heavy (looking at you David Foster Wallace) I go straight for the shitty mystery, sci-fi and fantasy novels with the most lurid covers I can find. If you're in San Francisco check out Kayo Books on Post for the largest collection of vintage pulp anywhere. 

9. Steven Universe

I love animation, like so much. Steven Universe's style is this perfect cross between the 90s anime of my youth and American cartoons of the same era. Expect references to Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball and Miyazaki movies. 

10. The Richfield

This is my neighborhood coffeeshop, run by the same set as Snowbird coffee in the Inner Sunset. This adorable and tiny spot has a surprisingly great food menu, excellent coffee and wonderful baristas. The latte art is always excellent and they serve their cold brew with coffee ice cubes so it doesn't get watered down.

BONUS! 11. Nopa

The perfect late-night date-night spot. My SO and I eat here two to three times a month... But only at 12:30am.

Illustration by Liz Noftle | Collage by ChefsFeed