Burning Q: Who's Your Best Regular?

Here's to the die-hards.

August 23, 2016 ● 1 min read

Q: Who's your favorite regular? 

Jose Enrique at a Northern Chefs Alliance dinner in San Francisco | ChefsFeed


Jose Enrique | Jose Enrique | San Juan, Puerto Rico 

The best is that regular who comes in and engages with everybody who's not a regular. He'll be like, "Wait, did you taste this? You know what, order that for her. She didn't get to taste that. You need to taste this." He just feels the place out and understands ambiance and what's created there, and shares it. He's the one that's like, "Wait a minute. You got that other fermented hot sauce back there? She doesn't have it ... bring her the fermented hot sauce. She's got the other one." I’ve got a guy like that.

Bonnie Morales | Kachka | Portland, Oregon

We call him Ukrainian Nick. He comes in about four or five times a week and sits at B8. Drinks a few beers, sometimes orders a Herring Under a Fur Coat. He's broke as hell, but our place reminds him of his dad. He even tried to work for us once. He offered to do dishes (by the way, lots of people who have never set foot in a kitchen think they can wash dishes) so we gave him a shift. He quickly realized that washing dishes is not so mindless or "easy." That was the end of that, but he still keeps coming in. It's been about two years since he asked about washing dishes. And lately he's been asking about working in the kitchen again. Think it's time to let him try again...

Sarah Hymanson | Madcapra | Los Angeles, California 

We have a lot of regulars — largely due to the fact that the Grand Central Market acts as a cafeteria for people that work in downtown — and because we are in such an intimate setting, we get to know a lot of them quite well. One of our favorites is a Shaggy-like character names Chris. He's a writer and has been eating at Madcapra multiple times per week since the day we opened. (Thank you Chris!)