Top Ten—Ryan Lewis, Driftwood, SPRINGFIELD

The top ten things currently rocking this chef's world.

September 22, 2016 ● 1 min read

Meet Ryan Lewis, the mega-talented guy responsible for making all that Central Illinois goodness sing at his Springfield spot, Driftwood. He's got a flair for the homespun and a soft spot for Wild Turkey — you're practically soulmates, already!  

1. Pickled Stuff 

If you're missing anything in your cooking it's typically an acid. Vinegar, sugar, a little water, perfect combination.

2. Wild Turkey Manhattan

Perfect, up, brandied cherry. No better way to end a shift then to fall into one of those beauties. 

3. Oversized Edison Bulbs

Is there anything sexier from the street then a 14" Edison lightbulb over the bar? 

4. STL Cardinals

Hometown love, favorite way to spend a Sunday with my three year-old, Hollis. 

5. My Old Hat  

There have been people who don't even recognize me without it.

6. My Boxer

No one has been through more with me than my trusty 12 year-old boxer.

7. Charcuterie

Salty cured goodness. That is all.

8. Beer Dinners

Monthly chances for me to play with new ideas and try something different. 

9. Deli Cups

I can't think of anything they can't do. Best kitchen invention ever. 

10. My Farmers

If you use the best ingredients, then you don't need to do a whole lot to them — and the best ingredients come from the best farmers. 


11. Kitchen Shishitos 

Speaking of great ingredients, roulette anyone? A bad night on the line quickly gets turned around when you throw those guys in a pan and coax the staff into participating.