Some Trumped Up Craft Cocktails

Because you know you need a drink right about now.

October 20, 2016 ● 1 min read

Served straight up.

"The Nasty Woman"

Mezcal, lime, bitters, the blood of working women everywhere.   

"The Bigly" 

Beer, whisky, pulp of Merriam-Webster’s dictionary pages.   

"The Bad Hombre"

Hypnotiq, curacao, tequila, Trump’s W2.   

"The Bad Ombre"

Hypnotiq, pink lemonade, bleach.  

"The Locker Room Talk"

Bourbon, beer, Tic-Tacs, Billy Bush’s dignity.    

"Putin's Puppet" 

Cognac, vodka, Hillary Clinton’s email password.     

“The Winning Temperament”

 Rum, Diet Coke, liquid bullshit.   

“The Fleeing Jobs”

Mexican tequila, Indian cardamom, Chinese steel.    

“The Rigged Election”

 Gin, ginger beer, liquefied Emmy statues.   

"The 400-Pound Hacker" 

Vodka, cream, Trump’s leftover KFC drumsticks.     

Priya Krishna