HARK, Veggie Bullet!

You're a better chef than you think.

November 14, 2016 ● 1 min read

This article is sponsored by our brand partners at Veggie Bullet. 

This just in, people who aspire to throw down in a chefly manner but dread the words “julienne” and still cry when they attack onions: there is a way.  

There is a way to make those boodles or zoodles, or a kickass japchae — the kind that will trounce the ones your fancy neighbor brags about. There is a way to make a respectable — nay, noble! — slaw without lodging your good knife in the center of a freaky enormous cabbage. There is a way to slice whatever comes across your cutting board faster than a hopped-up stagiaire sweating under the gaze of their idol.

, you say a little sadly, already resigned to your modest chop-shop techniques. But buck up, home kitchen warrior, for there exists a new thing called a Veggie Bullet.

Things it is not: a vegan bullet made of compressed veggies; one of those slo-mo videos where they fire a bullet through apples and potatoes. Things it is: a 3-in-1 machine from the creators of Nutri Bullet, and (by now, you’ve guessed where this is going) a way to up your game and turn everything in sight into noodles, because by god, that is your RIGHT.  

It shreds. It spiralizes. It slices. It’s a hell of a workhorse, and we’ve partnered up with them to show you how trained professionals use it to streamline their kitchen creations. Stay tuned over the coming weeks to check that out — and in the meantime, learn more here.

Photo courtesy of Veggie Bullet