Contest Alert! Win a Party for 10 with 1915™ Organic

Cue hysterical yelps of delight.

November 14, 2016 ● 1 min read

This content — and sweepstakes! — is sponsored by our brand partners at 1915™ Organic

1915™ Organic Presents: “How to Plan a Party”

1. Conceptualize your theme.

2. Make a playlist; get distracted from playlist when boss walks by.

3. Take a long lunch to browse for tchotkes to support ambiance of said theme.

4. Optimistically purchase overpriced sparkly branch-like things; change theme, mentally scrap playlist. 

5. Hear about a chance to win a tricked out party from 1915™ Organic juices from a group of very cool people behind you in line. 

6. Accidentally smack someone on the street in the face with branches while watching this video; accidentally-on-purpose forget them at work later. 

7. Throw your party hat in the ring by posting a photo of a dish you would pair with your favorite 1915™ flavor to your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Almost forget to add #1915juiced and #sweepstakes. Recover. 

8. Wait eagerly for Dec 28th.   

9. GET PICKED for a party for 10, catered by a ChefsFeed chef — then watch $1915 get donated to your local food bank. 

10. Feel awesome. Decide to keep sparkly branch things after all. 

Click here for the official rules for entry! Party on, party-throwers.