Top Ten—Jeremiah Bullfrog, gastroPod, MIAMI

Yeah, actually, he *is* a good friend of ours.

November 21, 2016 ● 1 min read

A new addition to the ChefsFeed stable considers the top ten things currently rocking his world.

1. Offspring

My kids and I enjoy watching cartoons. Over the summer we powered through a monster binge of Rick & Morty, ordered three pints of Häagen-Daaz from Postmates(.com) and stayed up way too late. #bestdadever #famfirst

2. Medz

Incorporating naturally occurring substances into the daily in an effort to maintain — from probiotics to pilsner. 

3. Poulet Frit

We got this gangster fried chicken window on the block; queue up at the Pack Super Market hole in the wall, greet with a “Sak pase?” and be rewarded with perfectly fried chicken legs, diri ak pwa (rice n beans) and pikliz, all for a 10 spot.

4. Efficiency

If y’all need an explanation on this one we are fucked, I’ve said too much already.

5. Design

From menus to merch to furniture to dishes to graphics to content to kitchens.

6. Fasting

Recently completed a 60-day, liquid-only fast in an effort to keep the belly at bay. Try not eating for an extended period of time and see how strong your flavor memory develops.

7. Snaps

Everything should be in 10 second video format with filters for flavor.

8. MIA

Where the Heat play. Putting my city on. Spreading the gospel about the real Miami and what lies on the other side of the bridge. #305

9. The Mrs.

Because Carla Merino is more talented than I will ever be.

10. Fermentation Station

Because errything should be pickled or kimchi’d, or vinegar’d or soured — the constant cycle of growth, consumption, and delaying death. 


11. Coffee & Cigarettes

Because they taste so FUCKING good no matter how negative the effects may be.