When I Die, Bury Me At Zip's

Chef Chad White's Top Ten Commandments of Awesome.

January 3, 2017 ● 2 min read

Chef Chad White has a whole mess of restaurants — from Tijuana (La Justina) to San Diego (Craft Pizza Co.) to his hometown of Spokane, WA (Zona Blanca) — and now, a very special burger-shaped place in our hearts. He's about to open another soon-to-be favorite in Spokane, Native Provisions: until then, can somebody drop him off some Zip's? Dude probably needs one right about now. 

1. Vans

I've got over 100+ pairs. If I'm caught without them on then it's a serious occasion. Like, if I'm hospitalized.

2. Zip's Drive-In

Since childhood, I've been addicted to this local Spokane, WA hamburger spot. Not much has changed, it's just damn good and nostalgic. I once flew there from San Diego just for a Bacon Double, told no one in my family and flew back to San Diego. In-N-Out = good. Shake shack = a little better. Zip's = get in my belly. If ever on death row, my last supper would be a bag of Zip's burgers.

3. Music

I'm all over the place with it too, Old school hip-hop & Celia Cruz may drop on a Soundcloud playlist of mine called "Majestic as Fuck" — with Chance the Rapper, Allen Stone, H-town, Teddy Pendergrass, Chainsmokers or even some old school Elton John. 

4. Mexico

I fucking love Mexico. All of it, especially the street food, the culture, the music, and the art. I will retire there. If they'd legalize marijuana, I'd retire there now.

5. The taste of cranberry juice residue left on ice cubes once the juice is all gone

My jam since I was in diapers. I'll smash a whole gallon of cranberry, and chisel at the cubes 'til it's gone.

6. The Fried Bologna sandwich at Durkins Liquor Bar.

If Kanye is Jesus, this sandwich is God!

7. Campfires

I love camping! I like to get all primal and shit. Nothing better than cooking dinner with friends and family over an open flame in the woods. Chances are, I won't wash the smoke smell off my jacket. 

8. Making pasta by hand

I've not found a better method of releasing stress than working with my hands and then being able to eat it afterward.

9. Snow

I bitch when it's too cold outside, but then I bitch about no snow on the ground during the winter! Growing up, winter sports were a huge part of my life. I started skiing in pre-school and started riding snowmobiles before I was eight years old.

10. Tijuana Street Tacos

There are no better tacos in all of Mexico in my opinion. Pig intestines, beef face, tongue, eyes, suadero, al pastor, carnitas, you name it. A few of my faves: Don Esteban, Taco Nazo & Tacos Franc. I'm a taco addict and usually, binge-eat them until sick on self-guided taco crawls. Just ask Nate Appleman!*

(*We asked Nate Appleman: "TJ is the best!")

Bonus round:

11. Cooking with my kids

Nothing more fun, special and messy. They'll eat everything: liver, hearts or sea urchin are all game.

Original burger illustrations via Justin Brazeau and iStock; photo of White via Urbanist | Collage by ChefsFeed