New Music For Your Earholes

Aw, Chef Chad White made you a mixtape.

January 17, 2017 ● 1 min read

Little bit of everything good on this new playlist straight from the kitchens of Chad White, a chef with equal love for Tijuana tacos and the burger joints of his childhood. This one is CATCHY, y'all: it kinda makes us want to frolic down a beach in Mexico and exist eternally in one of those montage sequences where everything turns out great and you dance in the walk-in and make food jam-packed with soul and generally live life as a happy bastard. Sounds like Chad White, basically.

Crank this one up, especially this week. 

Listen now.

1. Celia Cruz, "La vida es un carnival" 

Salsa dancing and line cooking: always a good idea.

2. Lil Wayne - "IANAHB"

I know every word to this song — well, most of Weezy songs.

3. Fetty Wap, "Trap Queen"

Little know this, but on Top Chef Season 13, there was a Confessions Closet with a camera at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Kwame and I did a freestyle to Trap Queen. It never aired.

4. Alan Stone, "Freedom"

This dude has more soul in one finger than most soul groups combined. Just makes me wanna move.

5. Chainsmokers, "Kanye" 

I heard this song in Guadalajara while cooking at Cortez.

6. Two Feet, "Go Fuck Yourself"

Sometimes, it's just how we all feel!

7. The Weeknd, "Often" 

A friendly reminder of after-service casual encounters at the bar.

8. Snakehips, "Gone" 

Reminds me of warm nights in San Diego. 

9. Nortec Collective, "Tijuana Sound Machine"

Every memory of Tijuana is returned when this plays.

Original art via olex oleole | Collage by ChefsFeed