All you need is the ocean and a good cup of coffee

NOLA chef Jacob Cureton's top ten favorites in life are all about the smaller things.

January 24, 2017 ● 1 min read

Chef Jacob Cureton makes his bones in a city defined by a raucous collision of deliciousness — that's New Orleans to you — as the Executive Chef at ANNUNCIATION in the bustling Warehouse District. The modern Creole & Southern creations coming out of his kitchen are part of what makes this legendary city so culinarily compelling; the things that fill his thoughts and off-hours are like a little island of calm in the middle of Bourbon Street. 

1. Good Coffee 

My girlfriend and I have really good coffee every morning. If I don't get it I am less productive.

2. Family

Family is very important. They support me in my crazy decisions — like being a chef.

3. Music

I love playing music and listening. Makes things go smoother. It's like a buffer.

4. New Orleans

I need to live in a city with culture. Artistic music, food, people.

5. Travel

I need to see the world. Need it.

6. Water

I need to be near the water. Fishing, boating, and swimming. All things I love.

7. Creativity

I have to be originative. All the time.

8. Beer

I like to brew and drink beer. I like beer like sommeliers like wine.

9. The chance for something more

 I'm always striving to better my [financial situation in] life. 

10. My dogs

They always give me good energy.


11. My Camera

I love to capture beautiful things in a frame.

Collage by ChefsFeed