It's Thrash Tuesday at ChefsFeed

It's been decided. Celebrate with a new kitchen mixtape from Chef Timmy Malloy.

January 31, 2017 ● 1 min read

"Honestly, there are some days in the kitchen where there needs to be a super high energy. I have days where I listen to 1920s gospel, but when it's a Friday with 215 covers on the books, a dishwasher just called out, and the chef (me) decided to roll out three new menu items that morning, you need METAL — loud, fast, angry, thrash metal, to keep you and your crew moving fast and your minds awake. Plus, when the rest of the staff shows up they know we mean business." — Chef Timmy Malloy, San Francisco, CA

Listen now

1. "Ride The Lighting," Metalica

2. "A Tout Le Monde," Megadeth

3. "Guilty of Innocence," Death Angel

4. "Now It's Dark," Anthrax

5. "Praise of Death," Slayer

6. "Cowboys from Hell," Pantera

7. "Brainfade," Overkill

8. "Into the Pit," Testament

9. "Drinkers, Inc," Gama Bomb

10. "Master of Puppets," Metallica

11. "Brotherhood of the Snake," Testament

12. "Foreclosure of a Dream," Megadeth

13. "Show No Mercy," Slayer

Collage by ChefsFeed | Photograph of Malloy via Instagram