The Love Doctors Are In

Five rules to love by, from the Jennings.

February 10, 2017 ● 1 min read

This month, we hear from chef couples for their tried-and-true tips on love — because if you can live together AND run a restaurant together, you basically win the universe. First up: notoriously fierce New England lovebirds Kate and Matthew Jennings, who made their mark on Rhode Island with their universally adored Farmstead, Inc. before moving back to Boston with their two boys to open Townsman.

Check the rules they live by, then file them away for the next time you're cleaning the grease trap that is your love life. 

1. Laugh

A lot. Laughter is the key to any successful relationship — in or out of the kitchen. 

2. Listen 

Your partnership (whether love interest/personal or business) requires the opportunity for you both to be heard. Making sure you listen is paramount. Don’t just ‘hear’ someone. Listen to them. There’s a difference. 

3. Over-communicate

We have found that the majority of issues arise when we aren’t communicating well, or taking the time to communicate effectively. Sometimes it’s worth it to slow down, make sure you have your spouses attention work to communicate effectively. 

4. Tag team, and be in-tune 

I’ve learned to really recognize when Kate needs help, and while sometimes she certainly has no problem telling me vocally — sometimes she doesn’t have to because body language is everything. Try to be in tune with this. Jump in when necessary and tag team the challenges. 

5. Have fun

Running a restaurant is beautiful chaos. But never get so bogged down that it drags you under. Shit happens. So do moments of pure bliss. Embrace everything. The ups and the downs all contribute to the fabric of your space and culture as a restaurant. And never forget….it’s only food. 

As told to Cassandra Landry | Photograph courtesy of Matthew Jennings