This Mixtape Is a Portal into The Brain of an Absurdly Talented Baker

Crank it up, make muffins.

February 13, 2017 ● 1 min read

Photograph via Lonely Planet magazine

William Werner, Craftsman and Wolves, San Francisco, CA

"I liken my playlists to movie soundtracks and this one is no different. We start off at dawn with our hero in the house of spliff-riff worship, a trip through DTLA, laid back into a haze of cocktail and conversation, things get dicey, tensions rise and the end cometh with a violent but well-styled ride into the darkness."

Listen now. 

"You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere," Here Lies Man

Hazy psychedelic, hook-laden Black Sabbath meets afro beat magic out of LA.

"I’ll Be Around," The Growlers

Brooks Nielsen has one of those eerie voices that has commanded my attention from first listen.

"She’s Mine," Alex Cameron

Synth lounge with a nod to Nick Cave.

"Redbone," Childish Gambino

70’s style p funk-R&B-make out jams, laced with paranoia and fear.

"Kerala," Bonobo

One of my cooks turned me on to Bonobo, been a believer ever since — beautifully composed down tempo.

"The Guardian," Sumerlands

80’s American metal, improved.

"Rue the Day," Cold Cave

Solid dark wave motivation for those long day-late night dog walks.

"Under the Pine", Black Tomb 

A thick slab of doom out of New England that I can’t stop playing loud as possible.

"My Church is Black," Me And That Man

Nergal of Behemoth throwing down evil alt-folk vibes, best served with black coffee — the last thing you'll want is sleep after these lyrics.

"Web," Thee Oh Sees 

Every playlist I make has a track from Thee Oh Sees on it. "Web" is a gem like no other.