All Good Times, All The Time

Chef Jerome Grant lays down the soundtrack to his life.

March 3, 2017 ● 1 min read

Original photo via ARIEL ZAMBELICH

For Jerome Grant, (Sweet Home Café, Washington, D.C.) every song is fused to a person or moment or feeling — the backbone of any good mixtape. 


"So Many Details," Toro y Moi

If only I could wear a turtleneck while cooking.  

"Come Down," Anderson .Paak

Early morning rush hour bike ride to work…effing D.C. drivers…

"Show You The Way," Thundercat

Throwback styling at its best! Michael and Kenny’s beard game plus Thundercats afro = WOOOOOOOO!!!* (*in my Ric Flair voice).

"Saint Pablo," Kanye West

Kanye for President 2020.

"American Dreamin," Jay-Z

And that, my friends, is why America is great! Keep dreamin'!

"Big Tymin (Remix)," Nef the Pharaoh

Me and my girl jam this on the way to Napa during our vacays. S/O Bay Area! 

"Keep You in Mind," Gourdan Banks

The love my kitchen crew at Sweet Home Café has for our guest.

"Wanna Know (remix)," Dave ft. Drake

When you read that one bad Yelp review…

"Set Adrift on Memory Bliss," PM Dawn

Soundtrack to the good times at Mitsitam Café. S/O Big Steve, Will and Miriam!

"Diamonds and Wood," UGK

Country rap tunes at its finest! RIP Chad. 

"No Less," SG Lewis and Louis Matters

Smooth, buttery, and soulful like a dab of ranch! 

"Ocean Views," Nipsey Hustle

Days off sitting on my balcony drinking Hibiki with my dogs.

asy Lover," Phil Collins

One of my favorite Miami Vice episodes was “Phil the Shill” starring Phil Collins. 

"Top Shotter," DMX, Sean Paul, Mr. Vegas

Long night services in St. Croix when I only survived off of Red Bulls and bottles of Belvedere…the good ole days!

"Same Ole G," Ginuwine

Let’s not forget that this is the guy that gave you the song PONY ... just sayin’.