This Mixtape Was Made For Crushing Any To-Do List, Anywhere

Ride that wave right into service along with Mae's Chef Maya Lovelace.

March 20, 2017 ● 2 min read

Creeping into a mind at work is no easy task: there's a focus on the problem at hand, sure, but coupled with subconscious murmurings from below and a time crunch, you better hope you've got something primal urging you forward. For Chef Maya Lovelace, this playlist is that something primal—if you're in need of synapse-firing, bass-dropping, fierce noise to plug your brainstem into while you do your thing, look no further. 


"Ice Cream Cake," Red Velvet

This song gives you a sugar buzz during prep, and the rap breakdown is SICK.

"Step in the Name of Love (remix)," R. Kelly 

Kells brings you back down to earth gently and sweetly here, keeping prep vibes relaxed and positive.

"Safe Sex Pay Checks," Rae Sremmurd

This party anthem reinforces what food & bev is all about: keeping those cooks working while they look forward to all those shots after service.

"Ping Island/Lightning Strike Rescue Op," Mark Mothersbaugh

The Husk anxiety anthem, and my go-to jam to stick on repeat and get some shit done.

"Drone Bomb Me," Anohni 

Sometimes you need to sway sultrily while you're chopping veg, and this song is perfection.

"Ha Howa Ha Howa," SEXWITCH

I'm a big fan of listening to music that puts you into a trance while working, and this really does the trick.

"Carrion Flowers," Chelsea Wolfe 

We're getting closer to service now, and it's time to slowly turn up that anxiety-inducing goodness. This song is like a big scary snake slowly crawling towards you.

"Nautilus," Anna Meredith

As anxiety increases, everyone needs to trance out and still have a good beat to work along to. Great pre-service songs make you feel like CRUSHING, and when the beat drops on this one you FEEL it.

"Full of Fire," The Knife

Can't you hear the frantic chopping, the clanging of nine pans, and the seconds ticking away?

"Shelter is Illusory," The Body

At some point, you realize that you're trudging toward your doom, as your looming prep list remains unchecked and oh god here comes the panic.

"Sodium Trimmers," Clark 

You're checking your lists over and over, you're re-counting portions to see what you can get away with, you've become a machine with the sole goal of survival.

"Ready to Die," Andrew WK  

A wave of relief, as you realize that you might make it. Andrew WK is a force of positive mania and that's so necessary here.

"Hard in da Paint," Waka Flocka

Here at Mae, we're done with our prep, but frantically building our pop-up dining room, unstacking chairs, and scooting tables and setting places, barely breathing.

"Come Up and Get Me," Death Grips

Five minutes until guests show up, and we forgot to buy Red Bull and everyone is barely holding it together by a thread, but this jam will get us there. It always does.

"Coronus the Terminator," Flying Lotus 

The room is set and the prep is done. The lights are dimmed. The sweet tea is on ice. The doors open, and we slip into the serenity of service.

Maya Lovelace