Meat That’s Crafted, Not Contrived

Our new partnership with Columbus Craft Meats.

April 24, 2017 ● 1 min read

Deli meat holds a nostalgic place in the pantheon of Food Memories.

It’s the easy lunchbox staple, the cornerstone of the slapdash sandwich that fills that sandwich-shaped spot in your soul. It’s that thing where you roll a little dab of cream cheese in a slice of cold salami into a sophisticated little cigarillo. (Did anyone else do that?)

We’ve got a soft spot for deli meat. That doesn’t mean we’re without standards, mind you.

The good folks at Columbus Craft Meats like to say they were founded on a “stubborn pursuit of perfect taste,” a credo that goes all the way back to their beginnings in 1917 San Francisco. A century later, in classic Californian fashion, perfection in the deli case still means using the best and not fussing with it; no antibiotics, no weird pressing and smashing into meat-like shapes. It’s meat that tastes exactly like it should. It’s turkey, and ham, on its best day. 

In a stroke of meat-minded genius, we turned to Chef Liza Shaw—butcher, and master of comforting Italian classics—to show you how to take the deli meat (perhaps, say, Columbus Craft Meats’ Reduced-Sodium Oven Roasted Turkey, or Applewood Smoked Uncured Ham?!) to new heights. Look for the video April 27th, 2017, and in the meantime, cruise the deli aisle and bring big flavor back to your lunchbox. (Or maybe try a salami cigarillo.)