Los Angeles <3's Ramen More Than Your City

At Chefs Feed, we know a lot about ramen. For instance, we can tell you exactly how many MILES worth of noodles the popular San Francisco Hapa Ramen stand slings in one service. (You'll have to watch our video from the Chefs Feed Network to find out!)

February 4, 2014 ● 2 min read

But our chef and diner community has also taught us a lot about ramen by using our app. For example, we can compare the number of times chefs have recommended ramen in their respective city, and we can also check out the number of Chefs Feed diners that have eaten the chef-recommended ramen dishes in the different cities in our app.

The conclusions? Los Angeles is tops for both chef-approved ramen and its appetite for ramen by Chefs Feed users. Of the thousands of bowls of ramen that our users from all over the world have eaten in the past 18 months, 35 percent were in LA. But that isn't entirely surprising, given that it sports a few more chef-picked ramen recs than some of the other cities. A little more surprising is that Chicago and Seattle have some serious ramen eating happening despite having less dishes to choose from; they follow Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco.

Are you looking to start a ramen shop? So far, we have not gotten any chef-approved ramen recommendations in Philly, Dallas, and London. It could be time to get in these markets, ramen-preneurs! Or if you're holding out on us, chefs, please share your recs!

Got you craving ramen yet? Here's where you'll find chefs in their home cities ordering a bowl:

1. Daikokuya, Los Angeles

2. Hapa Ramen, San Francisco
3. Ippudo, New York City
4. Urbanbelly, Chicago

5. Toki Underground, Washington D.C.

6. Sapporo Ramen, Boston
7. Ramen Santouka, Vancouver
8. Ramen Yamadaya, San Diego
9. Samurai Noodle, Seattle
10. Umaido, Atlanta
11. Monta Ramen, Las Vegas
12. Komé, Austin
13. Ace Eat Serve, Denver/Boulder

14. Nabi, Houston
15. Momofuku Noodle Bar, Toronto

16. Big in Japan, Montreal
17. Boke Bowl, Portland
18. Star Noodle, Hawaii