Your Most Embarassing Kitchen Story in 6 Words Or Less

Just like poetry. Blood-chilling, cold-sweat poetry.

June 9, 2017 ● 1 min read

nope nope nope nope nope

What was the most embarrassing thing to happen to you in a kitchen?  

“Not a fart, new socks needed.” Jamie Bissonette  

“Peed after slicing jalapenos, thought, STD?” BJ Smith  

“Covered in caramel head to toe.” Maya Erickson  

“Shat myself on a stage.” Matthew Jennings  

“Every pie was raw on Thanksgiving.” Brooke Mosley  

“Got new shoes, fell down stairs." Yoni Levy  

"Hungover, Brunch Double, Hotline trash can puke." Sarah Rich

"Lemonade, not lemon juice. Oops. Sabotage." Evan Rich

"Sneezed, tooth flew out." Ryan Lachaine  

“Smashed plate while meeting owners wife.” Scott Vivian  

“Being told to wear underwear & deodorant.” Preston Madson  

“Kicked off line. Don't remember why.” Ginger Pierce Madson  

“Got called out on wasabi mash” Sheldon Simeon

"18, whipped cream nitrous, passed out mid-hello." Mike Thiemenn 

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Image Kluva via iStock